One of the reas…

One of the reasons so many of us are burned –out and stressed-out is that we don’t know how to be still—to “know” God and “acknowledge” Him. When we spend time with Him, we learn to hear His voice. When we acknowledge Him, He directs our paths. If we don’t spend time being still, getting to know Him, and hearing His voice, we will operate from our own strength in the flesh.

We need to learn to be quiet inside and stay in that peaceful state so that we are always ready to hear the Lord’s voice. Many people run from one thing to the next. Running from one relationship to another relationship. Stop and be still. Running from shopping mall to shopping mall. Stop and be still. Whatever you are running from in your life. Stop and be still. This happens because your mind don’t know how to be still, you don’t know how to be still. At one time, I felt I had to find something to do every evening. I had to be involved and on the go. I was not a human being; I was a human doing. Which are you? I finally found the strength and will to just be still.

PRAYER: Lord, teach me how to still before you and actually “know” that You are God. Help me to be quiet inside and hear your voice. Amen

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