My Sister’s Keeper- The Journey

God has whats’s best for us.

Covenant Relationships. Ladies do not expose yourselves to someone that we do not have a covenant with. Otherwise you could open the door to all types of bad spirits , you know the guy that is just no good, won’t get a job, or won’t keep a job,  disrespectful, fearful, adulterer, abuser. The list could go on and on.  Sexual promiscuity is dangerous, it’s not just physical, it violates your spiritual relationship as well. We should look for our mates inside out, not outside in. However most of us have done it the wrong way, the good news is  that according to Romans 8:1, we do not have to live in condemnation. If we mess up ask for forgiveness. get back up and start again under the Word of God. We need to have a sense and believe that God loves us. Daily surrender every area of our lives to Christ. He will guide us in our decisions,  (Proverbs) God’s Word teaches us to lean not unto our own understanding, in ALL our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our steps. Pray for our hearts and mind to be clear, so that we are able to hear and receive the guidance from our Lord and Savior. Remember to let go of the past, it doesn’t matter. Give God the praise for seeing us through the mess.What matters is today, repent and move forwardImage.

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