Happy Birthday Sonyer W.!!!!!!Sonyer is a wonderful young

Happy Birthday Sonyer W.!!!!!!


Sonyer is a wonderful young lady, always abounding in the works of the Lord. She puts God first in her life, she knows where her blessing come from.

I read this and wanted to share ( very inspirational). 

 When we are covered by the Blood of Jesus, the devil can’t harm us


 One of the greatest tragedy in life is to live and not enjoy life. If you are warring with yourself all the time, you are not enjoying your life. God changes us from one degree of glory to another, but don’t forget to enjoy the glory you are in right now while you are headed for the next one. Don’t compare the glory you are in with the glory of some friends or family member who appears to be in a greater degree of glory. Each of us is an individual, and God deals with us differently, according to what He knows we need and can handle.

 Believe that God is working, just as He said He would. Remember, we see after we believe, not before. We wrestle and struggle with ourselves because of all that we are not, when we should be praising and worshipping God for all that we are. As we worship Him for Who He is , God’s character is released into our lives and begins to manifest

Be Blessed, 


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