The Package


The phone rings, but it’s not me;

text message, still not me.

Flowers and other gifts are arriving,

but none of them are from me.

A letter just arrived, still not from me,..  I didn’t write it;

Yet, you know that there was nothing in the world that I would not have done for you.

You’re right, I didn’t forget ;

What I gave this year were all the gifts that I’d been saving up just for you;

Each year, I would add to the package.

It’s filled with gifts that will be with you every day, morning or night, every year,  for every occasion.

The package, that’s been just sitting there for days, that’s the one- it’s  from me to you;

Open it,;  strange -once opened, you see there is no bottom, no sides;

because there is nothing big enough to hold the contents of these gifts.

They are all labeled Forever:

The gift on the very top and the biggest is My Heart;

Next you should see Memories, these are never ending;

so you’ll spend a life time opening this gift.

Keep looking, you should see Our Children.

our togetherness going on and on,  thru the generations.

Do you see the Laughs, the Cries;

There is so much is this package;

you don’t have to open everything today.

But the one gift that I gave you a long time ago, it kept growing, so I had to repackage it every year. It’s old, but it’s the one that is most important, the one never to forget, truly never-ending, the one that I want you to hold onto forever , the one that could never be duplicated, nor replaced, the one that words could never express, it was indescribable.

Do you see it? ….. it’s labeled ” My Love Forever”

By Luce

Written for my special friend. God bless and keep you.

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