I read this and wanted to share because this is really what church should be about:
I miss hearing basic foundational teachings like intimacy with Jesus, seeking His face, the fear of the Lord, the secret place of God, facets of worship, carving out a place for Him to dwell, the voice of God, the fruit of the spirit, faith, holiness & purity. It seems that the 21st century church has evolved to emphasize gifts and offices rather than to teach people how to remain faithful & committed to the Lord. No wonder we see so much scandal in the church.

My heart is broken over this. We must create a yearning and hunger in the church again for this kind of teaching that transforms. My prayer is for the teachers of God to rise up and lay a foundation again in the house of God. Your voice is needed as much as the prophets and apostles. Arise and take your places! Raise up the standard of the Lord again, for you have been called to bring forth much fruit!

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