Be Encouraged

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Psalm 29:11- The Lord will give strength to His people, the Lord will bless His people with peace.
Psalm 36:9 – For with you is the fountain of life, in your light we see light


One of the greatest harm that we do to ourselves, is to live and not enjoy life. If we are constantly complaining about ourselves, then we’re not enjoying life and before you know it, days have turned into months, months into years, and we’ve missed a lot of  blessings, There are also times when we busy ourselves so much that we forget to take a moment to stop and give God praise and thanks.. Have you ever just stopped and thought/said “where did the time/years go”.We’ve spent time being angry,sad, warring with ourselves and others, trying to keep our heads above water, when we could have spent those days in joy, smiling and laughing. Allow God to be God in our lives, Psalm 23 tells us the Lord is our Shepherd, we do not have to be in want. Every day is a day for a new beginning, another chance, an even greater day, don’t bring yesterday into it. Grow and strive in this day, and have even greater expectations for tomorrow. Give God praise in this day. Pray that our Heavenly Father will strengthen, guide and keep us in this day- so that we can do all that He has for us to do in this day -and we’re free to enjoy this day.The Lord has already taken care/provided for our tomorrow, so don’t spend today thinking about what you have to do tomorrow.





Be blessed, keep God first, and keep looking up.


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