Chiraq- Help or Exploitation


Just a thought..

Yesterday I was blessed to in the company of so many positive African American high school and college students. Young men and women from different walks of life, but with one goal in mind thriving to make a positive difference in this world. For some the odds are not always in their favor, yet they refuse to give up, or bow down to hate and violence. They refuse to let the negative people and things of this world stop them from reaching their destiny. They continue to persevere. As many of them say we’re not here to kill or destroy our Black sisters and brothers, we’re here to pave roads and create better futures. There is strength in their unity. The Word of God teaches us that a divided house cannot stand, The enemy knows this all to well and uses it to keep us struggling and fighting against each other. This line taken from a description of a movie about Chicago Crime ‘Chiraq is upcoming musical comedy drama film written and directed by Spike Lee. Set in Chicago, the film will be about black-on-black murder prevalent in neighborhoods of the city’s South Side’. While I really like Spike Lee, but no one needs a movie to bring awareness to the crimes of the City of Chicago. People can just watch the news, or drive down the streets and take a look around at the terrible conditions and poor neighborhoods. They can take a look at the bars on the windows and doors, the boarded up buildings , no businesses or financial growth, this one can see for themselves. What needed  is for people to stop killing, each other. Stop murdering our sisters and brothers. The police officers don’t have to do it because they’re doing it for them. They can just get a bag of popcorn and sit back and watch a new episode unfold each week. I don’t see any “comedy-drama” in lives being destroyed. I see someone capitalizing on it. There is nothing funny about watching Black lives being destroyed at young ages, or Blacks abusing, killing, robbing and hating each other., except for those that like watching Blacks destroy each other. Countless lives have been lost  for no good reason. Thousands of our young black men and women are in prison, dead or have just plain given up on life and just waiting to die. That’s what the enemy wants us to do. This is not Iraq, this is Blacks and other Minorities harming and murdering each other. There is nothing to be glorified here.This is Blacks and other Minorities making the neighborhoods so bad that no real businesses want to be a part of it. So there are no jobs in the community. There may be a couple of Middle Easterners or Asians that come in and open a store or two, but make sure they are gone before dark.Is this what we really want? Think about it, who wants to die or be robbed? STOP DESTROYING OURSELVES…we don’t need a movie for that- there is nothing to be glorified when our people are dying- just stop doing it. STOP THE MURDERING…STOP DESTROYING OURSELVES. Break the chains of violence, Did you know that most prisons have contracts with government officials to keep beds filled? When the beds aren’t filled it causes the government money.Who do you think they are filling those beds with?

Community projects that were once overtaken by drugs and violence are now occupied by Whites as part of Chicago’s Gentrification Project. For those who ask what is Gentrification- Gentrification is typically the result of increased interest in a certain environment.The same places where many,many lives were lost because someone thought someone else was in their turf. Places known for drugs and violence suddenly became nice neighborhoods. Grocery stores, Starbucks, etc began to pop up. Boarded up dilapidated buildings, and dirty streets began to disappear. That’s because the City of Chicago showed the gangs whose turf it was. When they wanted it, they took it. They came in, cleaned it up  and kicked them out. Why aren’t the gangs standing up against their true enemy, this racial unfair system? Stop killing each other and stop selling out. If you continue to live by the system, then the system continues to own you. Stop robbing ourselves and our children, Give the young ones a chance to grow up, a chance to be all that they can be, because Black Lives Do Matter. So what if this is all you’ve ever known, we can always break the cycle. It’s never too late to start a new beginning. Never too late to make real change in the Black Community. We’re better than what the public wants to portray. No matter how many times we fall down, we always get back up stronger, if we get up. Everyday is a new day, another chance to get it right. Another day to give God praise. Bad times and trouble comes to us all, none of us are exempt. It’s how we handle the bad times that makes the difference.

To Spike Lee and the other actors and actress in the upcoming Chiraq movie, I love you all and will always support my brothers and sisters. Most of you I have been watching for many years and will continue to watch. However, this is a time for true change, a moment of the truth. Once this movie is made- they’re out, over and done except for the money and other proceeds they will make on ticket sells. Like everyone else on to their next job. Let’s be reaI with this, why not bring something for real to help the City of Chicago’s low income and high crime areas? Something that will still be here to better the communities one the movie has been made. Bring some quality educations, funding just for the city of Chicago Students in under privileged neighbor hoods. Help re open the neighborhood schools and offer free vocational training. Teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself. Bring some jobs, bring some better housing. Bring real grocery stores and other shops that will put money into the communities. Help petition for fairer laws for low income neighborhoods. Bring something that will  bring about change and give the people real hope. Do something solid, something that will truly make a difference for the underprivileged communities in Chicago. The residents in those communities can do their part as well, stop murdering each other. Stop making the communities so horrible so businesses will want to come to the neighborhoods, give the children a chance. Try love instead of hate. Try doing something to be a blessing to your neighborhood instead of a curse. Stop selling ourselves to anyone that comes around with a dollar and a promise.When was the last time we saw a movie about young Black men and women doing positive things in the community? The truth be told there are many more stronger positive Black men throughout America than the few negative that the media wants to portray..and those strong, intelligent Black men that are the making a difference are the ones that White America fear the most. If there is a “Chiraq”, it’s the one that Black Americans and other minorities are creating and labeling for ourselves, including the ones that are making the movie. In Iraq those people are fighting for basic freedom rights. Here in America we’re just killing each other just because. We can do better Black America, Most of us came from very humble beginnings and know what it’s like to be hungry, or not have enough money to pay bills. That’s why we strive to make a change in our lives. Life happens to us all, but we don’t all go around killing and robbing each other. Chicago stop letting the world put you on display as bottom feeders. Stand up for yourselves and clean up your own mess. If you want change make it happen- do it the right way, get some self-control. Do the right thing! Is this movie help or just a form of more exploitation? Who is really benefiting?

Galatians 5:22-23

22 But the fruit that comes from having the Holy Spirit in our lives is: love, joy, peace, not giving up, being kind, being good, having faith, 23 being gentle, and being the boss over our own desires. Against these things there is no law.

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